Health Benefits Of Whey Protein

2018-07-02T16:53:17-05:00By |Sports Nutrition|

Most experts recommend taking whey protein as supplementation along with doing resistance exercises to help boost muscle protein synthesis, which help build muscle mass and leaner physique. Read on here to find out what's whey protein, its benefits and whey protein side effects? What Is Way Protein? Milk contains two kinds of protein, casein and whey. They are present [...]

Whey Protein On Workout Days And Rest Days

2018-07-02T16:53:51-05:00By |Sports Nutrition|

One of the most frequently asked questions by the people getting into exercising/fitness is: "Should I be having whey protein on all days, whether workout or not?" Most diet experts agree that the key factors to transform your physique are: (i) You need to work out hard and then rest; and (ii) Provide sufficient amount of protein to your [...]