Best Ways To Eat Hemp Seeds

Two spoonfuls of hemp seeds provide a rich dose of essential nutrients. They’re easy to eat and have a pleasingly nutty taste, some what cross between a sunflower seed and a pine nut. Read on here everything you should know about how to buy and eat these tiny nutritional bombs.

Hemp Seeds, Hemp Hearts And Hemp Oil

Hemp seeds are brown colored, small popcorn kernel-sized hard seeds – which grow on hemp plants.

Inside the hard seeds are contained soft, white or light green color inner kernels, which are high in essential amino acids, protein, & omega-3 fatty acids. These soft inner kernels are known as hemp hearts.

Pressing hemp hearts makes hemp seed oil. In this process, a byproduct is left behind, which can be turned into hemp protein powder.

When you see a bag at a store labeled “hemp seeds,” please read what’s written on the package, as it can be the soft inner kernels (hulled hemp seeds) or whole hemp seeds (unhulled).

You can check the current prices of our recommended brands here:

(i) Manitoba Hemp Hearts (Shelled Hemp Seeds)

(ii) Hulled Hemp Seeds

(iii) Nutiva Organic

How To Eat Hemp Seeds And Use Hemp Oil?

Because of the hemp seeds’ several health benefits, the diet experts  recommend that you include them into your diet.

The easiest and fast way is to eat them raw as a snack or eat toasted hemp seeds as popcorn.

You can add whole seeds, or hemp hearts (hemp seeds without their shells) to smoothies. Another simple way is to sprinkle a spoonful or two of raw or ground hemp seeds on top of your cereal, yogurt, salads or other meals.

You can always ground them and use as a condiment.

People with gluten allergy can eat hemp seeds by substituting them for breadcrumbs to coat chicken or fish.

Another option is to use hemp seed milk, substituting for almond milk, in drinks and recipes. Just like almond milk, you can blend hemp seeds with water (instead of almonds and water) to make hemp seeds milk.

You can also eat hemp seeds in the form hemp nut butter as a replacement to peanut or almond butter.

They have a nice nutty flavor, and you may dry-toast them over low heat to enhance their nuttiness.

The delicate omega fatty acids present in hemp seeds oil break down during cooking process, and consequently the oil’s nutritional benefits are stripped off. So, it’s best to use hemp seed oil as finishing oil rather than as frying or cooking oil. Drizzle it on grilled veggies, pastas and other dishes or use it as salad dressing.

Useful Tips On Ways To Eat Hemp Seeds

(i) Because of hemp seeds’ sensitivity to heat and light, you don’t need to soak them. However, make sure to store them in a dry, cool place or in your refrigerator.

(ii) You have many options such as you can eat them raw, ground as like a meal, sprouted or as dried sprout powder.

Useful Tips About Buying Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds are high in omega fatty acids, which are sensitive to light and heat & hence prone to break down and go rancid faster. So look for the package that is totally opaque and doesn’t have a window or an opening for the purpose of having a look at the actual seeds.

A window or an opening let the seeds get exposed to light putting the omegas at risk of getting spoiled or going rancid easily.

Another important thing is to look for a “packaged on”, “expiry” or “best before” dates on the package and make efforts to buy the latest product that you find. This will help buying fresh seeds or prolong their freshness.

If you store the package in your pantry, its shelf life will be close to 3-4 months.

Once you open the package, immediately put it or it’s contents in an airtight container and store it in a fridge to prolong its shelf life – that is up to a year.

You can buy these recommended Hemp Seeds here:

(i) Manitoba Hemp Hearts (Shelled Hemp Seeds)

(ii) Hulled Hemp Seeds

(iii) Nutiva Organic

However, when you sniff the contents and if they smell rancid – don’t use them.

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